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Investing involves a degree of risk. The value of investments can fluctuate. Past performance offers no guarantees for the future. Potential investors are advised to first consult their own investment adviser before making an investment decision. 

Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document

For the Fund a Prospectus and a Key Investor Information Document have been drawn up containing information on the Fund and on the costs and the risks involved in investing in it. Ask for or download these documents and read them carefully before making a decision. Your capital may grow by investing in the Fund. However, you may also incur a loss or end up losing your entire investment. .

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General Terms and Conditions 

General Terms and Conditions have been filed at Zutphen District Court under number 52/2003. These may be obtained upon request at no cost. 

  1. Arcona Capital Fund Management  (Arcona Capital) cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies in and/or incompleteness of information provided by, or on behalf of, the Arcona Property Fund. This liability disclaimer also extends to Arcona Capital´s agents (including its Directors). 
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  5. Arcona Capital has the right to require possible contracting partners, whether natural or legal persons, to identify themselves in a way satisfactory to Arcona Capital by providing a copy of a relevant means of identification.


The dividend policy of the Fund is to aim to pay out ca. 35% of the annual operational profit as dividend. This annual distribution may be replaced or supplemented by specific share buyback programmes as approved by shareholders in a General Meeting.

Arcona Property Fund counts the following substantial companies amongst its tenants: